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Selasa, 29 September 2009

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. why pee wee gaskins name?
pee wee gaskins-taken from the name of a chain american murderer era 70an, Donald Henry Gaskins, because the small body I dijuluki him "Pee Wee". with victims of more than 200 people. nickname "the most dangerous man in america" at the time.

why we have pee wee gaskins? yea the name of the person directly ga what is the name of a murderer, impressed even funny .. but with the name of a serial killer, we try to make killer music.

2. pee wee has created an album? at pee wee gaskins album out?
-We! "stories from our highschool years"

3. where can i pee wee gaskins lyrics?
try-open search "pee wee gaskins" in

4. How to contact pee wee gaskins to play? What is the contact?
fery-in contact 08569817445

5. anyone in the pee wee gaskins?

(left to right) Omo (synth), sansan (guitar / vocal), dochi (guitar / vocal), eye (bass), aldykumis (drums)

JL. Mendawai NO 39


Full name: Alditsa Sadega
Born: Jogja, 26 December 1985
Position in the band: vocalist, guitarist
Favorite Food: Bebek

1. get a nickname "Dochi" from ?
- Time on the junior temen2 foreverglo I sm, I said people who provide solutions slalu the most bizarre but most ngena. So I call on the so-Do Chi = Dokter Cinta (Doctor Love). Huahaha ...
2. Since when do like playing music?
- Hmmm, the first play drums because my father timpanist. I play drums since the age of 5 years, but ever since junior high school I started learning the guitar because the guy I like, like a guitarist. He ask me what the guitar can play it, he he. I thought long without it, 'I'. Home school to learn the guitar until I buy a book. Next day I gave evidence to do that if I can.
3. Had created a song, specifically for women?
- My first song about a girl I like the junior class is 2. But it is not romantic, he he. I have been told does not like him because he has been disappointing me.
4. as a songwriter, do you own including the feeling that is difficult to do?
- I feel more smoothly ungkapkan through other media, such as a song or writing. But also if the problem does not want to talk directly. I say what I want to say, hehe ...

Name: Fauzan
Born: Jakarta, 7 January 1986
Position of the band: vocalist, guitarist
Fav Food: Tongseng

1. What is the meaning of 53 in the nickname?
- 53 is my lucky number.
emm ... not as well, hehe. Even well-know friends. "Why does every mention if San certain number 53?" When I was not aware. Yaudah, be the number 53 is my trademark. hehe

2. The nature of sex the most frustrating to you?
-often calling me, sms, but I do not like with him. If the guy I like and unfortunately, I'm happy with the receipt. Hee ...

Full Name: Harry Pramahardhika
Born: Jakarta, 12 August 1985
Position in Band: Bassist
Fav Food: Seafood
1. get a nickname from where?
- My name is harry, as usual called Ay. because many of the names Ay, I search for another call. Eventually become 'eye'.

2. Gifts from fans the most impressive?
- Puppet peyo (from paper dolls) Pee Wee Gaskins
3. Tell us one secret about yourself!
-I do like kecoa ...!

Full Name: Reza Satiri
Born: Jakarta, 20 August 1988
Position in band: Synthesizer
Fav Food: Nasi goreng

1. get a nickname from where?
- Formerly the MOS in high school my name on the nametag Echa. friend call me homo. friends to call now Omo. huhu
2. tell us one secret about your self!
- Actually I gitaris (... ... ... ... ... waw)

Full name: Renaldy Prasetya
Born: Jakarta, July 21, 1990
Position in band: Drummer
Fav Food: Rice
1. 3 reasons why a stash of make you important!
- 1) get in the section
2) Bulu most can dipamerin from smua feather in the body
3). I have a stash I feel naked

2. A 3 reasons which make you more important than training drum sitting in the place where I pretty much do!
- 1). inner satisfaction when playing drum
2). more interested to see more because the drum section
3). more exciting to play on the drum of sex toy.

3. The most impressive of the high school?
- My high school time accident. Often fall from the motorcycle as drowsiness, hehe..
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